Lake Norman Report

Pacu, a Vegetarian Pirhana

Pacu, a Vegetarian Pirhana

I consider myself fortunate to be living in the Lake Norman area, just minutes from public lake access, lakeside restauarants, and several parks on the water. Lake Norman has a great population of Striped Bass, Spotted Bass, Largemouth Bass, Catfish and panfish. There is a species and a fishing style to fit everyone. There is even the odd chance that you will catch a Pacu, like my granddaughter did one afternoon while fishing with me and her dad. Pacu? Yep. It’s a relative of the Pirhana. In Lake Norman? It’s ike Captain Gus told me, “It’s like seeing a turtle on a fence post. You know it didn’t get there by itself.”

Originally created in the 1960’s by Duke Energy for power generation, Lake norman has over 500 miles of shoreline, and provides recreation for thousands of area residents and visitors. Water levels fluctuate, so if you want to stay up to date on lake levels, Duke Energy posts a running chart for the public.

If you want to know about the fishing, or would like to consider a guided fishing trip on the lake, Captain Gus Gustafson is the local expert I recommend. If you have your own boat there are several public boat ramps all around the lake. Take the time this season to enjoy Lake Norman!

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