About The Instructor/Builder

Your Builder/Instructor 

 Fran Park resides in Huntersville, North Carolina, and serves the Lake Norman area as a Coldwell Banker United Realtor. He is Certified by the Custom Rod Builders’ Guild as a professional builder. A member of RBI, Rod Builders International, Fran prides himself on continually improving his crasftsmanship by continuing education and research. In addition to repairing rods from simple guide replacement to complete restorations and building quality handcrafted fishing rods for his clients, Fran also teaches classes on building rods. Check out the Build Your Own Fly Rod page for more on that. If you have a desire for something that you can’t find at the local tackle store or fly shop, give Fran a call at 704-894-9729, or email him for a free brochure.

2 Responses to “About The Instructor/Builder”

  1. Humphrey Says:

    Please e-mail me a free brochure of :

    P.O.BOX 00902-1758,

  2. gfrods Says:

    Humphrey, sorry it took a while for me to get back to you. I am revamping my brochure, and will send you the new one as soon as it is completed. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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