Fly Rod Class Finished

We wrapped up another Build Your Own Fly Rod Class last night. Three students (two repeat offenders) all building a different rod. One student built on a nice SCIV 4wt 8′ 4 piece, a Father’s Day gift for his dad. Another builder finished a SCII 5wt 9′ 4 piece. The third, who already has a lot of fly rods, decided to build a two-piece spinning rod. A nice 6’6″ fast action 6-12 lb line weight with a split rear grip.

All three guys enjoyed themselves, and I know they will be getting a lot of use from their new rods. If you are interested in building your own rod, call me at 704-894-9729, or email me. One thing to remember; the reason for building your own fly rod is not to build it cheaper than you can buy one. Just like tying flies, it’s not a cost saving step, it’s an opportunity to be connected to fly fishing on a whole new level.

Here’s a few pictures from the class:

Best Inside


Hard at Work

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